General Moodle FAQ

  • What is the Helpdesk email for technical issues?

  • How do I access Moodle?

Ensure that your registration is submitted in SRMS.

A: By Email -

Navigate to . Click the ‘Set up your Password’ button, enter the email address attached to your SRMS account in the email address box and click Search. You will then receive an email containing a link allowing you to login to Moodle and set your password.

B: By using SRMS -

Depending on the campus (Turkeyen OR Tain) you are enrolled at, visit either or You can then visit the Manage Account → Change Password option where you will see Change Moodle Password. Within this box you can follow the guidelines and update your Moodle password. The details of this process are here Moodle Student Login. If you cannot see the box then you do not yet have an account and would need to submit your registration for the current academic year.


  • How do I know which email address is attached to my Moodle account?

A: By logging into SRMS and clicking the ‘Update Contact Info’ link, you will be able to see the email address attached to your account and update it if need be. Any update on SRMS will also reflect in Moodle.

  • I forgot my Moodle password, how do I reset it?

A: The steps detailed in the question titled ‘How do I access Moodle?’ apply here too.

  • How do I access last year’s Moodle?

A: The University of Guyana continues to host each Moodle academic year for an additional year. It can be accessed at the URL:<year>

For example, 2020 Moodle can be accessed at

  • I am missing a course on my Moodle, what should I do?

A: You should firstly login to SRMS and confirm that you have registered for this course in the system. If this is the case, you should then check Moodle to ensure that the course is not simply hidden from your dashboard.

This can be done by opening the Moodle homepage and clicking the course filter.


You should check both ‘All’ as well as ‘Removed from view’ to ensure that you did not accidentally hide your course at some point.

If the course is still not there, kindly reach out to the helpdesk with a screenshot of your registration.

  • There is no course content in my course.

A: You should reach out to the lecturer of your course. You can usually find this information from the Participants list of the course in Moodle.

If you are aware that your course is grouped and you are in a course without any group number, you should express this to the lecturer in your correspondence.

  • I received a power outage during an exam

A: You should reach out to your lecturer as soon as possible for further assistance.